Printing High Quality in Photoshop

In Photoshop, two important things to know is:

- To get a high quality print of your image, you must be working on a high quality image.

- The better your *paper* and printer, the nicer your image will print.

To control the quality of print and how big your image will print:
  1. Start a new document, an image size settings dialog appears
  2. Ignore the pixel dimensions.
  3. Specify the document size in inches or cm.
  4. Then specify the resolution to be 300 pixels/inch, 250 minimum. This is the most important value. The higher it is, the nicer your image will print (and the larger your file will be).
  5. If you need to change the values, goto the Image menu and follow the previous steps.
When you're image is at a high resolution, it will appear very big on your computer screen. But it will print the correct size you specified.

Note that if you are making pics for the web, you can ignore the dpi. Just set the pixel dimensions.

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