The Art of Eating


1. Be Hungry before you Eat

This is an important rule. No matter how high quality the food is, if you are full, it will taste yucky. The reverse is also usually true. No matter how yucky the food is, if you are starving, it will taste good.
How can you apply this rule?
Simple. - If you are hungry and the food is high quality, it will be extra yummy! Make sure you use the next rule!
- If you are too full, your food will taste gross and ruin your meal. Don't over eat! - Eat the good stuff while you are still hungry.

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2. Eat it slow

This is the a very fundamental rule. When the food tastes really good, slow down and taste it. Eat it slow. Since it is good, you may want to stuff it down. But it will much more enjoyable if you eat it slowly and savour the taste. If you are hungry, resist the urge to scarf it down. :)

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3. Leave the best for last

Leave the best for the "last part of your hunger". Ending your meal with your best food is what gives you a satisfying feeling after a meal. You should end your meal with the last part of your hunger. Don't eat when you are full. See rule 1 for explanation.

You might argue, "But according to rule #1, it would taste better at the beginning when you are more hungry". This is true. But then you end your meal with bad food or worse, a bad taste in your mouth. In general I eat the best last. The only exception is sushi and cooked food. I always eat all the sushi first or all the cooked food first. But the rule still apllies to the subsections. Ie the last sushi eaten is the best piece. This is a hard skill to aquire as sometimes it is hard to read how good a piece of sushi will taste. But with practice you learn to recognize yumminess when you see it. :) ok enough blabbing about the 3rd rule.

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I don't have much to say here except that some drinks go better with some foods

Examples include:
Pop : with greasy food
Water : buffets
Milk : Cookies & donuts
Red Wine : Red meat

Also some drinks go badly with some foods. Never drink sweet drinks while eating sweet food.
Pop : Fruit. Your fruit will be sour!
Pop : Candy. Your pop will taste like club soda

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Butter then Flip

This is a trick to reduce your butter intake. Most people use butter on buns and bread. If you put the buttered side of the toast down on your tongue when you eat, you will taste it more. Thus you can use less. This trick can also be applied to most types of food and sauces. Just throw some sauce in your mouth first then eat it. The worse is when you run out of sauce but still have food left at home. At a restaurant just ask for more :)

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Ice the Soya

Sushi tastes better slightly chilled. This trick is very handy when your sushi is warm from bad prep or because it was beside warm food like in a bento box. This one is simple. When you pour your soya sauce into your small dish, take an ice cube from your water/drink and put it in ther as well. The soya sauce will be slightly chilled and make your sushi taste better.

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Removing the Wasabi

This is a tough one. Some people don't like wasabi or in my case, just like a little. The problem is when the chef stick a huge wad of it into your sushi! How to fix it?

Pull off the fish, use your chopsticks to scrape the wasabi off the fish and rice ball as much as you can and then rinse your chopsticks in your soya. Repeat untill you can't remove anymore. Then dip your chopstcicks in your soya and drip some onto your rice ball and fish where the remaining wasabi is. Make sure you cover it completely and spread it around to dilute it. Put the fish back on. This is the best you'll be able to do short of washing it in your water.

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Splitting the Popcorn

This is a good one. You know sometimes how you go to the theatre and get a huge popcorn? Then you add seasoning, say, dill pickle. With such a big bag you can sick of it before you finish or maybe you put too much seasoning and it's gross, or maybe you and your date want different flavours?!!?!? what do you do!!?!?!

The trick: Go to the candy machine. The one that has paper bags. Take a few of the bags and use it to separate the popcorn or just seasoning.

I usually just grab a few bags and add different seasoning to each bag. Then I go to the theatre and pour popcorn into which ever flavour I want to eat.

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Pepper Your Ketchup

When you french fries, get tonnes of pepper and just cover your ketchup. Then dip your fries in it! It tastes better! Not just because of the pepper but because it is sweeter! Pepper brings out the sweetness and masks the sourness!

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