My Favorite Foods

Last Updated: May.04.2005


Sushi & Sashimi & Jap

The best thing about going for Japanese food is the variety!

Japanese Salad

I really like the salad dressings that Japanese restaurants use. The orange one and the sesame ones are the best.

Toro / Tuna

Toro, otherwise known as Fatty Tuna or Belly of Tuna is very yummy. When you get a piece that is good quality it will melt in your mouth. This is true of regular tuna as well. The key is trying to find a piece of high quality tuna. Low quality tuna or old tuna tastes like puke and makes you puke. :)

Smoked Salmon Sashimi / Salmon

Smoked salmon sashima can be ordered usually as an appetizer. It usually comes with the orange Salad dressing to dip. Yummy! Salmon is yummy. Quality between restaurants is fairly dependable.


Inari is bean curd sack filled with rice. It is sweet tasting and very cheap $1. Some places add sesame seeds and Yamato adds cucumber! It the best at Yamato!

Hotate Special

Hotate special is also knows as scallop special. It is scallop chopped up and mixed in Japanese mayo and with soe tobiko(fish eggs) added. Then it is place on top of a seaweed wrapped rice ball. Yummy! Again, a good quality one is hard to come by but when you get one, it is wonderful! :)
Negi Toro is roll I reccommend that has Toro and green onion.
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hmmm... Ice cream flavours? Green tea, Cotton candy, Blueberry Ripple, mango, butterscotch, anything with coffee or cappacino in it.


Breyers vanilla bean
Breyers cookies and cream


Forbidden Flavours (17Ave & 9St SW) - lots of flavours
Licks (Memorial E of Shagnappi) - very large portions
$ Marble Slab (Chinook) - pricey but very yummy! Add the fixins!
Dairy Queen - Great Softserve & Blizzards

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Thai Coconut Curries

There's nothing better than having a bowl of coconut rice covered in sauce from a coconut curry dish. It is slightly sweet and spicy. There is red curry, green curry and yellow curry. The dishes have chicken, beef, pork, eggplant, zuchini, potato, peppers, nuts, mmmmmm.... I am getting hungry thinking about it.

The classic one I always get is beef and potato (matsuman). Usually when we go eat Thai, we get 2 curries.


Ruan Thai
The King and I (pricey)

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Oysters are sooooooo yummy. Baked, deep fried, Chinese style in Egg, steamed, broiled... yummy... The only yucky ones are the raw ones! Boy are they gross! I wish I knew some good places to have oysters.

The Tempura Oysters at Yamato are to die for.

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Yup, I like my desserts. Besides Icecream, I like:
  • Rice Pudding w/ fruit topping (Chocolate Bar)
  • Creme Caramel (Chocolate Bar)
  • Deep fried bananas / Banana wontons (Open Sesame)
  • Sticky rice + mango + coconut milk (Thai Saon)
  • Stewed Egg and Milk (Dessert House)
  • Store bought incl: Ice cream Sandwiches & Itsakadoozy Popsicles & Cozy Shack Rice Pudding
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What makes a good Dumpling?
Thin skin, The insides, The sauce (sweet and sour, red vinegar, plum, ketchup)!

Where can you find the best dumplings?
Ginger Beef and my moms!

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Iced Cappacinos

Tim Hortons is the winner for best drink!

Especially for hot days, an Ice Cappacino will give you your sugar kick and caffeine kick at the same time. The thing that sets their ice caps apart is the super sweet taste, the creamyness and the finer blended ice. It is excellent! The best is if they blend it extra long. Then it is soooooo smooth and yummy.

Dessert House serves a good cappacino bubble tea as well. -back to topics-

Honourable Mentions


Creamy Havarti is my favorite type of cheese so far. There's a cool cheese shop on 17th Ave and 8 St SW.


I need my regular dose of ribs. There's no other restaurant to provide that Tona Romas (on Macleod)!


Cookies by George and Oreos. Soft chewy cookies are good too.... mmmm.... Oreos are great to blend into icecream as well! Lemon/maple/Chocolate Pizelles! (an italian cookie that only has 23 calories per)


Ah, Popcorn! This must be the best munchy ever created. In theatres (like chinook) you can add seasoning too. I like dill pickle seasoning the best. But a variety of seasoning is nice too if you separate the popcorn. If you're not in the theatre, Kernels is very good. And whoever invented microwavable popcorn is a genious!!!

Katsu Don / Steak Don

Many people miss out on Japanese cooked food because they are always eating sushi and sashimi. Sushi and sashimi is good, but you can also get Teriyaki steak and Beef Kushiage and Tempura. And even beyond these there are other items on the menu most people don't order. Katsu Don and Steak Don are probably two or the best unordered dishes there are.

Try the the Steak Don @ Tokyo Gardens
or the Katsu Don @ Tokyo Gardens or Yamato
Teriyaki Steak is available at almost any Japanese Restaurant and is always yummy!


Garfield's favorite and also one of mine! Not many places serve good lasagna or extraordinary ones. Crossroads Market has a german place called "Links" that has a wonderful recipe and Olive Garden serve a good three cheeze one.

Ginger Beef and Salt & Pepper Squid

Alberta invented, ginger beef is delicious if it is prepared well. Crispy and soft meat. The fast food versions are pretty gross. Salt and Pepper Squid is deep fried in a batter and is spicy. The best place to get these two dishes is Ho Won restaurant in Chinatown, right by my church!

Salad rolls at saigon (the wooden place).

Ahhh... Vietnamese Salad rolls. What better food goes with your pho or bun?

When I first had these they were not even close to as good as the meat filled deep fried spring rolls, but now that I am a seasoned Vietnamese food diner, salad rolls have become the greater of the two. Make sure you know what sauce to use!


Apple Pies @ Burger King are good. Not too doughy and nice and crispy.
Crispy French Fries and Tender Nuggets @ McDonalds regular cravings.


I'm not much of a fruit or vegatable person but I do like salad. The lettuce kind. :) Japanese Salad and Caesar Salad (fr/ Joey Tomatoes, Opa) are choice.

Fish and chips

I like fish and chips, but I don't eat it often cuz Jenny doesn't like it really. The best I have had is at Moxies. It is dipped in beer batter and is yummmmmmy! Lord's fin aslso serves up a good one. Joey's only has all you can eat.


Sometimes I just need a slice of greasy, cheeze dripping pizza. :)

BBQ chicken @ Boston Pizza or Panago is good. Dr Oetkers Frozen Mushroom Pizza bought from superstore is good as well.


Deep fried dough stick wrapped in flat rice noodle(tzah lerng) - The only place I knwo that serves this dish prepared well is Calgary Court.

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