Make It A Date


Have a Good Lunch

  • Goto Codo(on 17th Ave) and save some room. Then walk east to Forbidden Flavours. Shop along the way.
  • Goto Arden or Galaxie Diner and save some room. Then walk to Fiasco Gelato. Shop along the way.
  • Goto Sunny's Viet and then go for Ben and Jerry's in Eau Claire. Cut through the cultural center and shop at Eau Claire Market.
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Have a Nice Dinner

  • Goto Kyoto 17 and save some room. Then walk to Chocolate Bar. It is quite a few blocks so it's a nice walk since you will be pretty full from Kyoto17s large portions.
  • Goto Sunny's Viet and then go for Dessert House for Stewed Egg and Milk and bubble tea.
  • $$ Go for Smugglers Inn or Tony Romas. Then if you still have room, goto Open Sesame for banana wontons.
  • Go for Moxies or Joey Tomatoes or Sushi Ginza at Chinook. Then goto Marble Slab for dessert.
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Have Some Fun

  • $ Go for Khublai. Pick your food, watch them make it. Then go next door to Thai Saon to have the sticky rice and mango dessert.
  • $ Go for Peking duck (Ginger Beef). Wrap your own wraps.
  • $$$ Go for Western Fondue (Grizzley House - Banff).
  • $ Go for Chinese all you can eat Fondue (Treasures of China).
  • $ Go for Korean BBQ (Korean Village) with a group and cook your own food at your table!
  • $$$ Go for the Sultan's Feast (Sultan's Tent) - Eat like a Sultan. They even wash your hands!
  • $$$ Go for the King's Feast (The King and I) - Eat like a King. They don't wash your hands.
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