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Game Categories

These games are targeted at certain age groups and group sizes but can be adapted to fit your needs. Most can be converted from wet to dry and vice versa as well.   

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These games come from all over. Some are directly from books, some are variations of old games and some are totally unique. I cannot take credit for many of these games and at the same time cannot give credit as I don't really remember where most are from. :) Enjoy!

There is some overlap.
Example) All indoor games can be played outdoors.
Example) The wet games are also outdoor games.

Indoor Games

These games usually require a large open space or room. We usually just remove the chairs from the sanctuary. Also note that most of these games can also be played outdoor.

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Outdoor Games

These games are meant to be played on a large flat grass field without trees etc in the middle.

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Ice Breaker Games

These games are designed to help people get to know one another. Ie. to break the ice. They usually involve learning each others names or helping people meet each other for the first time. These games are great for 1st activitiy in your schedule.

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Wet Games

These games need water! You need a water source and there is quite a bit of setup involved.

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Games that Teach

These games teach while you play. Often they follow a bible story or have a moral to the game.

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Super Games

These are games that require lots of effort to run. They take a long time to play (1 hour+) and require lots of setup and planning. They are good for an entire afternoon or as an event. They usually require a atleast a few people to execute and you normally give out larger prizes. Usually printed instructions are given out in advance.

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Kangaroo Court Games

Kangaroo Court AKA King's Court is a mock court where people are punished for breaking rules. Basically, the punishment is something embarassing or gross. Kangaroo Court more that anything serves as a deterant to break rules for younger people. Ex) If you sneak out past curfew, you will be stoned (with water balloons). If you don't wear your nametag, you have to run the gauntlet. If you are caught pranking, you will be pranked in public!

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Slave Day Games

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Slave day is a day (at camp) in which one gender becomes master over the other. The master is usually decided by having a gender vs gender fundraising contest. We usually fundraise for people who can't afford to go to camp. The losing gender are the slaves for a day. Apart from regular things like getting their food for them, or carrying them around, slave day games are a great addition for fun. It also helps overly nice masters enjoy themselves a bit as well.

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Carnival Games

These are more used for theme nights (like hawaiian night). Carnival games are exactly what you think. Normally what we do is give out "visitor collecting forms" that can be traded in for tickets. These tickets can be used to play games, buy food, buy prizes. If they win the games, they get more tickets. The tickets they win can also be used to play more games or get prizes / food.

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