Purpose of the Games


Ask yourself this: When I participate in social activities, am I aiming for these goals? to build friendships, and have fun? or am I a poor sport and only like to play with my specific group of friends?

To Help People Fellowship

Unity is critical to a church. How can people be unified if they don't know each other, fellowship or interact?

[It's good to be one.] "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!" 1 Cor 1:10
But if you bite and devour one another, take care lest you be consumed by one another. Gal 5:15

Ice breaker games are perfect for helping people get to know each other.
Forced interaction games help build relationships and friendships.

Forced interaction

Sometimes people must be forced to interact by manditory games.
  • Socially misfits need this.
  • Cliques or groups of friends are more penetrable.

  • Set the teams. Force people to go with people they don't "hang" with.
  • Note: Do let friends be with each once in awhile

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To Teach the Gospel in a Fun Way

These games serve to teach and evangelize in such a way that does not cause offense and is not taken as conversion methodology. This is one of the most powerful techniques used for social games. Basically these games are based on bible verses or teach some truth.


  • Non intrusive
  • If a game is designed well, a lesson can be taught that will never be forgotten.
  • Good for new comers.
  • Good event for people to bring friends too.
  • Unintrusive way of teaching and evangelizing.
ex) The good samaritan. People run from town to town. There are bandits who try to catch you as you travel around. If you get caught you must lay on the floor and call out for help. Only when someone picks you up and carries you back to another town are you allowed to rejoin the game. If you don't help anyone you have less chance to get caught. But if you help someone, your team gets more points. If no one helps anyone, eventually all will be caught.

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To Have Fun

Joy is a fruit of the spirit and Christians should have fun! Spread God's joy and fun!

See how much fun he is having? (chinese pun) :)

It also serves to provide a fun place people will want to bring their friends
This also allows the church to better compete with secular entertainment like video games, TV, bars etc.
To see methodolgy on how to make fun games go to the Game Design section.

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For Good Health

How much exercise does the average person get?
How much TV does the average person watch?

How much does the average kid play video games?
How many big macs and slurpees does the average person eat?

You better believe it, we need exercise!!!
It also helps with stress relief
And for the kids, if you tire them out, they don't sneak out at night at camp! Double-bonus!

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