Setting Up the Games


Where Should I Run My Games?

Find a large open field preferably with nice grass and no gopher holes.
Make sure there is a watersource if you are having water games. If there are large rocks or such remove them.

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Make a Station to Leave Supplies

In one corner of the field or just off the field's edge, dump all your equipment and supplies there. A shaded area is preferable. Get a tarp and cover everything you don't want exposed to sun/rain. Things like chocolate bars will melt. Also cover secrets/surprises you have for the group. If you're games last over several days (camp), be sure to cover it and weigh it down before you leave. We just cover everything so people don't play with the equipment. Best not to leave valuables in there as well (mega phone etc).
ex) We had to keep a bucket of squid hidden as the surprise was crucial to one of our games being fun.

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Mark Boundaries

If nessesary, mark your outer & inner boundaries.

Plastic marking tape can be
pinned down using golf tees. Or small sticks or wire sticks if you need to elevate the line. Note that if people are running over or through it, it is best to use golf tees to avoid injury. Pilons are good for this too.

Make use of natural boundary markers like trees, fence or dirt road etc.

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Secure a Watersource

Sometimes at campsites they protrude out of the ground or are on the sides of buildings. If it is too far you may need to hook up many hoses(4+) to make it reach.

Make sure you have enough water. Usually two faucets is good enough for even 20-80 people. If you only have one, you will have to prefill large tubs/buckets with water. This will have to be done a hour or so prior to the event start. There will also be some wait time between games if you use it up quickly. The valves on the hose splitters will help you control the water flow.

Also make sure you ask permission to use the water. Some campsites use well water and would prefer that the water not continuously run. As long as you close the valves when not using the water, it is usually ok.

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Check Your Checklist

Bring drinks. Usually a big water cooler full of water and foam cups will suffice.

Bring sunscreen for those who forget. Make sure you have everything you need for the day. The worst thing is explaining a game and then realizing you don't have the equipment to play it because something has gone missing or was left in the car etc...

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