Tearing Down the Games


Clean Up Your Mess

Don't leave garbage all around.
Ask for the players to help if the task is too big. Be friendly to the Environment

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Clean Your Equipment

This is very important. Often game organizers will just pack everything up and bring it home to clean. Then it is left in the gararge/basement for a year or so and when needed again, it is taken out. Surprize!!! Mold and stinkyness than makes equipment unusable. What a waste of Money!!!

You must clean everything right after the games end. Do it before you leave!
Especially things like muddy tarps, sponges, etc etc. This is always forgotten !! Gross!!!!

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Return Borrowed Equipment

Bring back anything you brought.

Return equipment you borrowed from friends etc. Esp things borrowed from campsite and things rented.
ex) Water hoses, spoons etc.

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Check Your Checklist

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Evaluate your games / activities.
Submit/share your games to this site!

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