British Bulldogs

Object of the game: To cross the field without being tagged by a bulldog.

- Tag based game.
- Round based game.
- 2 Ends of the field are homefree.

1. Have everyone stand on one end of the field.
2. Pick 2 bulldogs
3. Bulldogs go to the middle of the field.
4. When they yell, "British Bulldogs", everyone else must run to the other end of the field without being tagged by the bulldogs. Whoever is tagged also becomes a bulldog.
5. Go back to step 3 until only one or two people are left untagged.

Number of People: 10-80

Game length:
Setup: 0 min
Game: Varies. 5 minutes/20 people
Teardown: 0 min

Materials: Nothing. Endzone markers if you like (trees, pilons).

Variations: Wet British Bulldogs. Use wet sponges to tag.

Fun Rating: 0/5 (total votes: 0)
:( 0 1 2 3 4 5 :)

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