About This Webpage

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for people in ministry to plan social games easier.
It is primarily targeted at people organizing youth group games and summer camp games. Over the years, many games have been played, many games have been invented, many games have been altered and many lessons have been learned. This is my attempt to organize all of it and share it so others may benefit from it. Here the page breakdown.

Purpose - This explains why we need games in our churches and fellowships.

Planning - This will help you along when planning games.
Set-up - Things you need to do before everyone arrives to play.
Running - Tips to help you better execute your games so everyone has fun and things go smoothly.
Tear-Down - Things to remember to do when all is "almost" done.

*Games* - A big list of games with descriptions, rules, set up etc.
Game Design - Tips on how to make your own games.

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About The Webmaster

Written: August 3rd, 2004.

Relevant Background:
  • Served on Youth Group Committee for 6 years or so with 12-50 people participating in games.
  • Ran about Three Summer Camp Afternoon Games (Average 4 consecutive afternoons per camp) with 25-70 people participating in games
  • Ages range from: 11-60 years old.

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