a longer one

Mon, Jan 28th, 2008 @ 1:59pm
Over the past couple of days I have gained a stronger appreciation for what the church treasurer has to do… I have the simple task of preparing financial reports and tracking the cccbpa finances… and it eats up so much time… I cannot imagine how much harder it is to do this for an entire church… needless to say, I will never volunteer to be treasurer for our church :)

On an entirely different note… I bought this really cool wooden owl… you blow into it and it hoots like an owl… it's so cool :)

Our CCCBPA annual general meeting is this saturday… we will be renominating the executive for 2008… I guess I am probably going to be treasurer again… although I think I may not be best suited for the position… when I started this ministry, I committed (in my head) 2 years… so after next year I will re-evaluate where God is calling me and where I am needed…

considering I only slept like 3 hours… I am not tired at all today… yet… :P :) boy is it freezing outside… :)


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