End of Feb Ramblings of a Madman...

Wed, Feb 25th, 2009 @ 12:10pm
… things have been so busy lately… I think I am starting to finally adjust to my new schedule in terms of ministry workload… I have just had to crank my productivity level a little higher than normal. Honestly though, last year was probably set a little too low for own own expectations… hopefully… my weekends won't be this busy all year round…

I took the day off on Monday… to catch up on some sleep… as well as some ministry :) … I get pretty stressed when I fall too far behind… it's like there are to many things “to do” on my mind… but I was able to put in 4 hours of productive work on Monday… so now I feel much better… :) :) … and less guilty when I do things like watch TV :P :) guilty is not the right word here… more like… self-imposed busyness?… like you know when you have lots to do and you know by wasting time it just makes things worse? yeah… that. Procrastination == more stress. Productivity == less stress.

So my birthday is in a week and a bit… it seems like I always get so busy around this time… in makes it really hard to organize something… I always have these grand schemes of having these wickedly cool b-day parties… like super awesome full day board game party type things… I kinda want to organize a boardgame night but the last one seems so recent… even though it was during Christmas break… it's only been two blog entries since then!!!

I've been neglecting this blog pretty badly… once a month is pretty weeksauce… my apologies to my 1 or 2 readers :P :) yes and I know commenting is disabled… I was getting spammed pretty badly… not that anyone was commenting anyways… :)

March 7 lands on a Saturday this year, so if my schedule stays free I will have a party! …. stay tuned for more info… :) cheers!


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