Always choose the big wok

Mon, Jan 14th, 2008 @ 10:49pm
So tonite, I made “chow men” for dinner. I chose the small wok. I should have choosen the big one. The noodles, “gnah choi” (sprouts) and many other ingredients on the floor attest to that. :-) On a completely separate note, what do you think of the new “temporary” layout for this site?

I am totally getting back into the flow of things… starting to cook dinners again… and I am going to pack sandwiches tonite!!! 7 of them… :)

I know this sounds bad.. but I missed church on Sunday and stayed home and read some devotions, listened to some worship music and spent some time in my prayer room… but it was one of the best morning's I've had in awhile… It totally put some zip into my feet… I was just bubbling over with energy the entire day… as some can attest to when I went crazy with the horn at Kings b-day… well… off to mass produce sandwiches :)


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