Calgary's Best Bakeries (IMHO)

Wed, May 29th, 2012 @ 9:12pm

Who doesn't like baked goods?

Some notes:

  • if I say “fancy” it means expensive or “high class” or decorated really nicely.
  • as always, most of these bakeries will have varying selection depending on the time you are there and what is seasonal etc. Saturday morning is usually your best bet for widest selection.
  • I don't buy plain bread etc, I buy fancy desserts.
  • I listed some of the bakeries I have been to and recommend checking out. I have also excluded the ones I don't recommend (like Yamato). Also excluding cupcakes and cream puffs as it seems like another genre.
  • we most certainly will drop in (to try atleast once) whenever we discover a new bakery.
  • 3 of the good ones are in close proximity to my house and that is why I am getting fat. :)

The Best / Most frequented

Éclair de lune:
Really fancy pastries. My favs are the “feature” ham cheese tomato square croissant, cheese sticks, 3 cheese croissant, and small macaroon cake (it has a different name). The owner is french baker who used micro financing to start his own business. Nice guy. I have spent way to much money at this bakery.

Diamond Bakery:
Chinatown (under HKBC bank). Best chinese egg tarts in the city. The nice thing is you can pick up a bubble tea along the way from “Try Again”. This is also where I get my BBQ pork buns.

Bakery at the Crossroads farmer's market:
It's only opened in Summer. I am not sure it's name but it is in the outside part by where they sell fruit in the little alley type part that has stores. It has a bunch of European square slices of various cakes like tiramasu. There's this white one that I really like. I know… this whole description is not very useful. :)

Still Good / Will Drop In If Convenient

Less fancy. Seems more like a regular bakery. Lots of bread and stuff. But the fruit cakes are really good. Icing is not too sweet and they layer the fruit in between so there is fruit in the middle of the cake. Very good for chinese taste.

They have quite varied fancy good single desserts and expensive small cakes. Presentation of desserts is great if you need to bring to a party or such.

Persian pastries. Pretty fancy looking small desserts but cheaper. :)

Yann Haute Patisserie:
Macaroon selection. This one is nice because it's right off of 4th St SW so it's a nice place to walk around. It's the yellow house.

Still need to try

Manuel Latruwe:
Very fancy. It's more expensive than the other fancy bakeries. Never bought anything because it didn't seem worth it. Still need to try.

Decadent Deserts:
I've had some stuff from here but never been to the shop myself. Some people swear by this bakery.


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