crazy crazy crazy busy

Tue, Mar 25th, 2008 @ 7:57pm
Long time no blog… man things have been so crazy lately… doesn't even feel like I had a long weekend. I will be taking days off work for sure as soon as I am able…

Ministry wise, things are starting to really ramp up as well… I hope I can keep my sanity :)

So Pastor Kat was back this weekend… it was nice seeing her again… it also brought everyone closer together as well, if you know what I mean… like a family reunion or something… so what did we do all weekend? …. eat and eat… and eat… and eat some more… oh and play boardgames… who knew P Kat liked boardgames so much… :) She kept telling me to play/buy Settlers of Catan… I also have a coworker that keeps telling me that too. I don't really have any interest though… it seems so hyped up and doesn't really sound fun…

So summer hasn't even started yet and I have had 2 BBQ's at my house… Maybe I'll finally figure out how to make those honey peach wings :)


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