February Already...

Tue, Feb 3rd, 2009 @ 12:40pm
Man time is flying by so quickly… this year feels like it's going to one of the busiest years yet… hmmm… so what's new with me? Not too much really… just working… doing ministry… the usual… I want to write something more substantial here but I don't know what I should pick… maybe I'll just pick a few fun things…

so I made my own makeshift double boiler for chocolate fondue. It incorporates my small fondue pot, sitting on top of 3 of my cafe tea spoons, which sits in a small corningware bowl, filled with water underneath. The whole contraption then sits on my tealight candle tea pot warmer…. so the candle heats the water which warms the chocolate slowly and evenly. When testing it out, we were able to melt chocolate without adding evaporated milk… and even after leaving it on for over an hour with very little chocolate in it, there was still no burning or scorching on the bottom! :) Hurray for easy cleaning!

I currently have a backlog of 3 highly rated boardgames that require 3 or more players. Cosmic Encounter, Taj Mahal, and Chicago Express. Stay tuned for some mini-boardgame nights… who wants in? :)

Been feeling pretty tired lately… sleeping a lot more than I usually need… I thought as a person ages they are supposed to need less and less sleep because their bodies don't repair as much etc… i think my stress level is higher than it ought to be as well… I need some physical activity… :P


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