Hayly Pawtor - *SPOILER ALERT*

Thurs, Jul 21nd, 2011 @ 11:44pm

The deathly hallows Part II - *SPOILER ALERT*

Ok. So I saw the movie. It was… underwhelming? Maybe my expectations were too high. I have not read the books but the previous movies really set up a bunch of expectations that they didn't meet. Also maybe Part I was too good. But it is definitely the end of a good run. No more looking forward to the next Potter film. I was wondering how they would keep the cast looking young…

Classic fantasy/adventure film basics:

  • Super bad@ss villian - Why did they make V so weak at the end. They totally built him up in all the previous films to be super crazy evil powerful dude. They should have had V kill off a a few teachers show his power and make him more menacing.
  • Epic battle / duel - The weak villian ofcourse made the final duel anti climatic. The big battle between the students/teachers/baddies was pretty weak sauce. It needed to be more epic and they needed to show more one on one type battles with the main characters with both sides winning and losing people.
  • Main characters are the focus - Ron and Hermoine were barely part of the movie. All previous films it was about the three friends and then in the finaly they focused on all these side characters we didn't care about. Nevil?
  • Redemption - Draco should have become a good guy and had some critical (not accidental) part in making the good guys succeed.
  • Puzzle/clues add up to something - Why didn't they give Harry all 3 deathly hallows and have him use them to kill V or atleast do something really cool. They could have also given all 3 to V and had him be super powered. And why was destroying the horcrux in Part 1 so amazing compared to Part 2?
  • The wonder/fantasy - Why was there no cool new spells or creatures?!?!?

If I had it my way, maybe the ending would have been:

  1. Ron has to face a super baddy (which killed many goodies during epic battles scene), to get a hallow or destroy a horcrux
  2. Hermione has to also face a super baddy, to get a hallow or destroy a horcrux
  3. Harry has to face V
  4. They all almost lose
  5. But then Ron succeeds and joins Harry and gives him a hallow
  6. Then Hermoine succeeds and joins them and gives harry a hallow
  7. Then the three of them fight V. Maybe Hermoine and Ron get knocked out of battle.
  8. Harry deals the final blow with some surprise/twist or maybe special ability that having all three hallows gives him.
  9. Have Hagrid or Draco do something more critical in the plot line that results in good side winning. Maybe delivering the 3rd hallow which was taken by the enemy or something.

Okay so I know this post is long, but I do have to mention the good:

  • The sad parts were done really well. It felt like Pixar.
  • The Snape story was really well done.
  • There was good closure, not too many loose ends.

Rankings - The movies are kinda a big blur in my brain so I need to rewatch them but if I had to rank them quick.

  1. Best: Deathly Hallows Part 1 - so good I bought it on blueray.
  2. Goblet of Fire - it was like the Magic Olympics!
  3. The Deathly Hallows – Part 2
  4. Prisoner of Azkaban - Yay! time travel.
  5. Order of the Phoenix - I don't remember this one at all…
  6. Half-Blood Prince - I don't remember this one at all…
  7. Chamber of Secrets - I don't remember this one at all…
  8. Worst: Philosopher's Stone - the ending was such a cop out. Totally ruined the movie for me.


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