holy batman

Mon, Nov 11th, 2008 @ 12:33am
I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I have updated… so news… I have been nominated to be deacon at church again… I knew it was coming… and had already mentally already decided I would do another term… But I haven't been able to set aside time to seek God's will about the whole matter yet… It feels like I haven't been helping at church as much as I would like… I mean I still do mission fund stuff, website stuff, camp stuff and a little guitar, but it feels like I need to be doing vision casting, fire lighting type stuff… The other big factor is that I was also asked to be the president of the CCCBPA which has much potential but would be alot of work and growing pains… I am a little cautious of my ambitions for the BPA since I originally signed on just to support and be a “young person” pillar until bridges could be made… I was supposed to measure fruit after two years… and there isn't as much fruit as I am used to in the ministries I am involved in, but there is still much good fruit… and then there's the whole thought that I am so willing to do deaconship because it should be easier than chairing the BPA…. aiiii….

*sigh*… all I know is that I cannot commit to doing both… I can be on both boards… but cannot chair one… if I chair one, I would have to drop off the other board… it wouldn't be fair to either ministry to split my time like that… not to mention the other ministries I am involved in as well… I also have to remember I am engaged and do need to eventually plan a wedding :P :) … and renovate my house and still maintain a semblance of a social life… and not neglect my family… aiiii…. oh and still take care my myself in terms of eating and sleeping… it's funny how I thought of that last… no more hospital trips!!! :P :)

It's been 4 years since I was first nominated to be a deacon… I served a 2 year term and dropped off to stagger myself from Clem since you cannot serve more that 4 years in a row… so now would be when he has to quit and I should go back on… at the time I dropped off, it felt like I didn't need to be there… like the work I was there to do was done… and now it sort of feels like I need to be there again… it's weird how everything in my life seems to be starting anew… I have been at SMART Technologies for 6 years now, as of today… and on Friday we are moving into the new headquarters by the university… I'm actually quite excited… well… that's enough for now… I will try not to wait a whole month before posting again!! :)

One last thing… The CCCBPA Christmas banquet is Sun, Dec 7… Phil Callaway will be speaking on “Enriching Life without Money”. Let me know if you want tickets…


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