I Guess It's Finally Time to Grow Up

Sun, Mar 13th, 2016 @ 11:47pm
So it's official. I am a dad. It's hard to believe I am responsible for a full fledged family now. It's hard to describe how it feels to “have a kid”. Phrases like “a father's love” takes new meaning. I find myself thinking about John leaning on Jesus chest whenever I am holding baby Clara near my heart. My heartbeat soothes her and helps her sleep. I used to always picture John putting his head on Jesus chest and think, “that's kinda of a bit weird for a grown man to do to a friend”…

Or when Clara is screaming bloody murder when she is super hangry. I always tell her, “Calm down baby, the food is coming”. But she doesn't hear me, she just cries and screams. The milk is here, we're just getting it ready…

Or her dependence on us… We are to come to Jesus as children. For our needs and to clean up or messes… Someone needs to take care of the dirty diapers.

And I think I am just starting to get a glimpse of “a father's love”… skipping meals, losing sleep, jumping at each cry, smiling at each hiccup. And doesn't ones love only grow the longer you take care of something/someone? If I can love her this much after three weeks, how much does God love me after taking care of me for 37 years?


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