Let the Games Begin

Mon, Jan 5th, 2009 @ 9:45am

New Years Eve Eve Boardgame night was a good time had by all… I think. :)

Altogether 15 people participated with many drifting in late. A few people missed out because they got dates mixed up :) It's funny because all my coworkers came early because of my don't be late warning. Just like last time, the games started late and we only played 2 rounds instead of 3. Since we started late, the snacks came out early.

In round one, there was:
- 4 player carcassonne with Andy (Winner), Geo Nick and Jonathan
There was a lot of bragging from Andy about how he won Carcassonne by allowing Geo to build a huge city and then sneaking in to share the points. That sneaky Andy brings potato chips for everyone to earn their trust only to stab them in the back to get some prizes!!! Well done my friend.

- 3 player Lost Cities with Peter, Somchay (Winner) and Samia
In Lost Cities, a certain “nice guy”, was actually aiding his opponents in the game. Maybe nice guys prefer cooperative games. :) Or maybe girls like to take advantage of nice guys to get more raffle tickets! :) But don't worry Peter, abusing nice guys is bad karma, and Bad Karma == no prizes!!!

- 3 Player Akaba with Jacklyn, Andrew (Winner) and Jenny
In Akaba, there was alot of running around the table and people calling each other cheaters and claiming they got their turn skipped. I don't know how much validity there was to the shouting. But Andrew has been claiming missed turns a lot lately in games and Jacklyn always cheats. Well and Jenny likes to join in in accusational shouting whenever she gets a chance. :)

I opted to not play and take care of late coming guests who kept coming in late even though I had been itching to play Ra. Peter bailed after round one and 5 more people join us for round 2. While waiting for round 2 to begin, many had a try at Sorry Sliders which was hugely successful but not an official tournament game. Kingston commented on how cutthroat Sorry Sliders was. But maybe he was the only one playing that way! :)

In round two there was:
- 4 player Stone Age with Jenny, Andrew (Winner), Andy, Jacklyn
Stone Age was the longest running game… due to some analysis paralysis by some analysis paralysis prone players. It is a little know fact that the cure for analysis paralysis is to just have fun and not try so hard. I mean, like I know the prizes are super-awesome, but seerussly, the chocolate fondue was dieing to be eaten. :) PS. Sometimes a little heckling helps speed people up too.

- 4 player Galaxy trucker with Kenric, Tony, Geo (Winner) and the Ghost from my haunted basement
Galaxy Trucker had all the players slaughtered because they used the small ship for the rounds where you are meant to use the bigger ships. I should have went back downstairs to make sure they were playing correctly. They only played 2/3 rounds because the ghost scared them back upstairs. It's ok to be afraid of ghosts guys.

- 4 Player Pirate's Cove with King (Winner), Samia, BJ and Nick
Kingston took Pirate's Cove since everyone else was a newbie. Way to take it easy on the newbies King. People really seemed to enjoy the game.

- 3 Player Thebes with Somchay (Winner of raffle ticket), Jackson and Jonathan
In Thebes, we had a close game. I only edged out Somchay by 2 points and Jon was only behind maybe by 10 points. It could have been anyone's game. It was a very close game with lots of digging for dirt. The normal loud chanting of DIRT! DIRT! DIRT! was replaced with the more peaceful, under-the-breath jinx dirt-dirt-dirt of mild mannered software developers.

- 1 player played Sit and Be Quiet with Karen and it was herself. :) She prefers to watch than to play which is cool. Andy apparently tried to convince her to play. Little did he know that this is a hopeless attempt unless you appease the said creature with a large block of cheese first.

Round 3 got cancelled.

While we ate chocolate fondue, I drew and announced the prize winners. Every person got a raffle ticket for each game they played. In addition, game winners received an extra raffle ticket for each game they won. First was Jonathan Neitz who was unlucky in Thebes but lucky in the prize draw. He choose to keep his prize of two movie tickets rather than trade for a mysterious wrapped present! Next Andy won a golf tic tac toe set, he opted to trade for mystery. With his cunning 6th sense for value, he picked the best prize, Battleline game. Last prize went to Kingston who also changed for mystery and got his very own copy of Sorry Sliders!!! He was so happy that he crushed those Pirate's Cove newbies to get that prize. This was the first time the prize trading didn't have a dud. Beware next time. If you get a stinker it's because the green monster got you! :) Until next time…


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