low on juice... last piece of banana bread

Wed, Mar 18th, 2009 @ 8:30pm
This week is a little crazy for me… 2 AGMs (Thurs / Sun) and a wedding (Sat) to go to and board meeting tonite… thank goodness I passed on playing guitar sunday… the crazy part is trying to put together our churches AGM booklet in just a few days… considering I can't read or write chinese, it's quite silly that I am compiling all the reports… hopefully there is time to print it. I got the majority of the reports sent to me yesterday (Tues)… that's a little last minute don't you think? most of the booklet will not be translated I am guessing… I will probably end up printing it manually since there won't be enough time to get it taken care of by a shop.

(side note: don't really know what the point of printing a booklet is anyways… do people actually read or is it just killing more trees?… and creating more work for everyone? ministry reports, translating etc)

…feeling a little low on juice today… board meeting tonite… so I guess that gives me Friday to work on and print the booklet… good thing I stayed up late last night to do as much as I could…

work is good today. We got free muffins and stuff this morning. It was nice… small gesture, but nice… -oh and I got the last piece of banana bread… yippee! Who doesn't love banana bread?


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