My New Pet Cat

Tue, May 20th, 2008 @ 5:23pm
So I was doing gardening and yardwork all weekend… basically raking out all the dead grass so new grass can grow in easier… using one of those heavy garden rakes as apposed to the light leaf rakes… boy was it hard work… we also dug up part of the garden area in front of my house and planted tomotoes and blueberry plants as well as two flowers… so what does this all have to do with my new pet cat?

Well… during the yardwork.. this cat kept coming by and meeeoowing at us… and it would walk around us as we worked… rubbing up against the bricks and garden tools and stuff… it was very very friendly… and everytime you said meow, it would meeeeoow back… it let you pet it and everything without any fears… it has tags and everything and seems pretty well taken care of but just kept hanging around… and even kept standing by my front door waiting for me to let her in… even after we went into the house it would sit at the door and meow and scratch at the door… yup… so I have a new pet cat… and the best part is I don't have to feed it or clean up after it or anything… :) one of my neighbors does it for me! :)

So this summer I have watched Iron Man and Chronicles of Narnia in the theatre because I had friends who wanted to watch them… I had not planned on watching either movie in the theatre… but it turns out they were both really good… the Jet Li and Jackie Chan movie however was very bleh… looking forward to Indiana Jones!! :) … oh and survivor ended… and the person I wanted to win didn't win!!! again!!! aiii… the last two seasons have been the worst survivor endings!!! :P :)

On Monday a bunch of us zoo annual pass holders went to the zoo together… :P :) it was nice… :)… until Jenny and Elijah had “a falling out”… :P :) … oh SNOW was good on Sunday night… Pastor Kevin Lim spoke too :) what else… what else… if you have time go to fill out this survey about chinese churches. The link is on the top of that page… if they don't get enough people, the data will be meaningless… oh and 24-7 prayer will be starting this Saturday at the House (coffee house in kensington)! Sweeeeeet! oh and I will be doing the Wing Kei walkathon! So much going on!

later peeps! :)

edit: The prayer room has been postponed to June 21-28, 2008!


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