My Top Ten Movies of 2008 and Anticipated for 2009

Mon, Jan 4th, 2009 @ 10:42pm

This is my opinion. Basically whatever movie left me with the best feeling and made me want to buy the DVD. There are a lot of films not included because I did not watch them or they sucked. This would include almost any drama or romantic movie you can think of or even plain action movies.

My Top Ten Movies of 2008 - Super Heroes and Quality Comedy

10. I couldn't pick one for number ten but choose to list a bunch of movies here that could have been awesome if…
Incredible hulk (was just out classed by the other superhero movies), The Mummy 3 (honestly I can't remember this film much which says?), Kung Fu Panda (missing the tension/excitement), Wall E (good visuals but lacking story and originality in terms of sci fi and pixar), Max Payne (good visuals), Wanted (good visuals)

9. Spiderwick - a little too kiddy for me to enjoy completely. But the fantasy elements were there and I am a fan of the books.

8. Indiana Jones - ulg… the ending knocked this one down the list. -oh and the stupid monkeys!! But I love Indiana Jones in general and although the ending was a let down, I knew it was coming and still enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Will I buy it? Probably not.

7. Tropic Thunder - It had it's moments. Not the best movie but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good laughs, likeable characters.

6. In Brudges - surprise hit for me. Don't usually enjoy this type of movie. The more intellectual darker humour really appeals. But what makes this film really successful is that the story is very well put together and comes together so nicely at the end.

This is where the list starts getting better…

5. Iron Man - It was good, but it just didn't hit the spot for me in terms of superhero movie or adventure. Maybe the villian wasn't villianous enough? Maybe it's because Iron Man has no super powers? Gweneth Paltrow was cool though.

4. Batman - After I saw this, I was floored. It is a really well done movie. The boat dilemna was awesome… Will I buy this? Probably not. I prefer my superhero movies to have a little comedy and to also end with very very very happy endings.

3. Prince Caspian - Classic adventure. Love the fantasy elements. They amped up the action in this one so I liked it more than the first Narnia film. I heard they won't be making anymore. :(

2. Pineapple Express - 2nd surprise hit for me. This one got me laughing really hard. This does not happen often for me in comedies. Stupid story but man was I laughing it up…

1. Get Smart - This takes the one spot because not only were the laughs there, but they managed to incorporate a decent story and some major excitement. I was looking forward to this one and it blew my expectations away. I was expecting a comedy but got adventure as well! This would have been even better if they didn't cast Anne Hathaway

My 2009 Movie Radar

11. Where the wild things are - based on a children's book

10. Astroboy - loved it when I was a kid. This one has lots of potential. We'll see.

9. GI Joe - loved it when I was a kid. GI Joe and Transformers were awesome.

8. Avatar 3D - James Cameron is finally back and it's Sci-Fi!

7. Coraline - Neil Gaiman meets stop motion animation! Think nightmare before Christmas but scary.

6. Up 3D - Don't know too much about this one but I do love pixar. But they haven't had a really awesome hit for me since Ratatouille (2007) and before that Toy Story and A Bug's Life. And yes I have seen all the Pixar films. The movies are always good but the stories/directing seem weaker than they used to be. And the villains are always wimpy. The first sign was Monster's Inc, where they could have made it awesome if they just beefed up the scariness. Screw the kiddies. The Shark was pretty cool in Nemo, until it turned into a good guy! Come on!?!?! The shark could have been like the T-Rex in Land Before Time.

5. X-Men Origins - loved the X-Men films, trailer looks good.

4. Transformers 2 - The first one sucked (the first time I watched it) but got better after subsequent watches. Now I am stoked esp since I heard devastator will be in it! You know, the constructocons! :)

3. Harry Potter - They keep getting darker, more mature and violent. Love it.

2. Watchmen - The trailer looks really good on this one too. Hopefully the legal stuff won't delay the opening

1. Star Trek - The trailer looks sooo good. I think the trekkies are moving in now that Star Wars has left the spotlight. Doesn't hurt that they casted some very likeable actors… Harold of (Harold and Kumar) and Sylar from heroes…

And in the distant future… Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, 3D remastered Star Wars, Ghostbusters 3, The Avengers, X-Men 4


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