Tue, Sep 16th, 2008 @ 11:58am
So my life is at a more sustainable pace again… man… August and early Sept were a little too crazy… I even started watching TV again… I have fallen really far behind in all the shows I follow… and now I have some time to spend on a few of the projects I have ongoing… like the CCCBPA website and the redesign for jacklyn's studio website… maybe I will even have some time to do some things around the house… maybe assemble some of the furniture I have bought… connect with people I've been meaning to meet up with… do some reading…

my bro's wedding went really well… and I was pretty satisfied with my speech delivery… The CCCBPA Christmas banquet is Sept 7, that's a sunday night. Let me know if you want tix. I am selling :) I think they are $48 for Coast Plaza Hotel and the speaker is Phil Calloway ←- is that how you spell it? he's pretty famous… oh and he's talking about happiness without money… so it should be good :)

Link of the day: Free Campbell's Soup Coupon!


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