Bunnies aren't so nice

Fri, Sep 26th, 2008 @ 3:55pm
So at work today, my coworker sent me a link pointing to a bbc article about tainted candy from China.

What do you know? It's the white rabbit candy. The kind that I have been eating since I was little boy. And on a special note, the kind that I brought to work a few weeks back and the kind that my other coworker brought to work just last week. So yeah, I have been secretly poisoning my coworkers… -and myself.

The conversation somehow lead to not being able to eat anything anymore with the China Melamime scare and the recent maple leaf scare… I guess I'll be just eating tomatoes from my garden… which lead to my coworker asking if the bunnies were eating my tomatoes… which led to my other coworker mentioning that his mom used to have this wind powered garden ornament/machine that she used to scare away the bunnies.

If you put a fake cat in your garden, would bunnies stay away? like crows and a scarecrow or… pigeons and those fake ceramic owls they put on roof tops? Are pigeons or bunnies smarter? Trained pigeons used to deliver messaged… could bunnies deliver messages? :)

Back to the question. Are bunnies eating my tomatoes? I said no, even though I have seen a bunny hanging around my front lawn quite close to the garden… then I started to really think about it… the tomatoes seem to rippen so slowly… I only get a few red ones each time, even though there are hundred's of green ones… perhaps… perhaps the bunny is just eating the red ones and waiting for the green ones to rippen!!

Are bunnies that smart? Then I was reminded of the bunny I saw waiting at an intersection in chinatown. I was on the other side of the street. After about a minute, when the light turned to “walk”, it crossed the street, passing right by me going in the other direction. It was the strangest thing ever… it was not scared of me and I swear, it was waiting for the walk light.

So do you think the bunnies are eating all my red tomatoes? …I guess it's ok if they are… since they are my friends anyways. :P :)


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