Summer is over...

Fri, Sep 5th, 2008 @ 3:23pm
Summer is over already… and my schedule is just starting to lighten up… I think by Tues I will be free enough to start my web work again… for the cccbpa and jacklyn wants some work done for piano-works… ok maybe wed or thurs… *fingers crossed*… I watched some TV last night at home… seems like I haven't watched tv at home for over 3 weeks…

So I passed on the bonded leather couches… I have been spending so much money with all the travelling and stuff… my brother gave me a neat little drill for helping with the wedding stuff… it will definetly increase the probability of me building some of my furniture I bought but have left in boxes in my house :P :)

my brother's wedding went very well… very smooth… and I did my best man speech pretty smooth as well… considering I was up at 3am the night before writing it. :P :) Man tho… that was a crazy busy weekend… :P :) that's all for now… later peeps


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