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Thu, Dec 11th, 2008 @ 2:11pm
So i am going to redo my website (again)… I am going to design my own dokuwiki template… from scratch… I just need a good idea… I was thinking maybe a retro theme… or paper scratches theme… or maybe a “One Piece” anime theme… or board game theme… dunno yet…

Web Designer Wall has posted their best of 2008. They also have this cool example of a CSS menu.

I am building a photoscript (yes another one) based off of jquery galleria and my old photoscripts that do the auto directory parsing and comments etc… should be nifty when it's done. And yes I did just say nifty.

Also found this cool little utility called quickPHP which is a little executable that you can run so you can test your php code locally. Just make sure you block it with your firewall so that you don't turn your computer into a webhost! :)


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