Cosmic Encounter

What: Official Cosmic Encounter Board Game Event.

Date: Sat, Mar 24th, 2011 @ 2:00pm
Place: Jackson's House
1032 Thorneycroft Drive NW

Newbies are always welcome… :) Friends are welcome too. :)

Game Sign-Up

We need a minimum of 4 people to play. Max 8. Once the sign up sheet is filled up, you will have to wait until the next event to play! Contact me if you have any problems.

If there is less than 4 people signed up, we will cancel the event or reschedule!

Player Ranking

Name Wins Plays Date of last win
Nick 1 1 3.7.2011(5p)
Wendy 1 1 3.19.11(4p)
Zaw 1 1 4.19.11(4p)
Sam C 1 2 3.27.11(4p)
Jon N 1 2 3.19.11(4p)
Jackson 2 5 4.19.11(4p)
Adeel 0 2
Jenny 0 2
King 0 2
Thibaut 0 3

Game Summary and Quick Instructions

Please watch this video prior to coming to the event. Thanks!

Detailed Instructions

Don't watch this one unless you are really that interested. :)


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