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Warning: Most of these are old and unmaintained. :P
Bottled Dreams - Web design, print design, art, Photoshop tips, brushes, gallery etc…
Organized Games & Social Activities - Guide to planning, game archive, etc.
Mull It Over - My thoughts on Christian stuff
Calgary's Best Dining, Restaurants & Food - Restaurants, food, eating, cooking etc…

Play Hangman - Even add your own clues!

Blogs & Vlogs

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Alive and Healthy

RallisP - The best Movie news vlog
Project Contempo - Christian thoughts / workplace ministry
La Vie Society - Christian thoughts
Ron Rolheiser - Christian thoughts

Hanging on for dear life

Resources and fun stuff

You can still access my links list from my old website from here: here

All things Geeky

board games

toys and such

Foody - food… cooking… - restaurants! - Calgary restaurant blog


CPC - My church!
Calgary Chinese Christian Business and Professional Association
Calgary Chinese Churches & Parachurch Organizations - Christian Church Listing
24/7 Prayer Calgary
Chords - Violin & Guitar chords - in html and word!
Bible Gateway - Online Bible with good search
God TV - Streaming Christian Video Broadcast
Sermon/Music compilations - great for devos


Chords - Violin & Guitar chords - in html and word!
Harmony Music School - Calgary Music Lessons - I highly recommend getting music lessons here. They have lessons for Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar, Theory and Composition.



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