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Holepuncher Bnadit's Grafitti - Goodies, Resources and Such
Fun, Goodies & Links
Updated: Feb.16.2007

My Websites
Bottled Dreams - Web design, print design, art, Photoshop tips, brushes, gallery etc...
Organized Games & Social Activities - Guide to planning, game archive, etc.
Mull It Over - My thoughts on Christian stuff
Calgary's Best Dining, Restaurants & Food - Restaurants, food, eating, cooking etc...

Have Some Fun
Play Hangman - even submit your own words!
Daily Comic Strips!
Play Flash Pac-Man
Play Flash Frogger

Sites I've been to recently
Journal of Boardgame Design (link) - added Feb 2007
World's Healthiest Foods (link) - added Nov 2006
Prayer Without Ceasing (link) - added Oct 2006
Cartooning Blog (link) - added Oct 2006

Blogs I frequent
boingboing (link)
Athanasius Kircher Society (link)
ridingsun - photo captions(link)
Cryptomundo - blog about big foots, sea monsters and such
thunderstruck (link) - where pop culture and christianity collide.

Violin & Guitar chords - in html and word!

Christian Resources
Organized Games & Social Activities - planning, game archive, etc.
Calgary Chinese Churches & Parachurch Organizations - Christian Church Listing
Bible Gateway (link) - bible search
Audio Bible (link)
Sermon/Music compilations (link) - great for devos
follow the rabbi (link) - great background on Jewish ancient culture. Helps you understand context of verses better

Reviews and such
Calgary's Best Restaurants - dining & food
Calgary Dining (link) - search & rating
Calgary Sun Movie listing (link) - search by movie / theatre
Epinions (link) - product rating

Red Flag Deals.ca - online community that finds deals
beyond.ca - Car website but has a good classifieds section. rating

Other Misc Resources
Dictionary.com (link) - dictionary / thesaurus etc
Urban Dictionary (link) - slang dictionary
Calgary Weather (link)
MTV (link)
MuchMusic (link)
Wonka Candy (link)

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